Artist Spotlight / Review – Bree De Rome


Bree De Rome is another intelligent and totally right on musician from Brisbane and at only 18 years old, her future is bright (that’s not lazy clichéd journalism, that’s the honest truth).

Bree writes music that I can only describe as vintage dream jams with vanilla fudge arrangements that breeze around beautifully. It has all the naivety of young children playing cowboy and Indian dress ups but consistently explodes into a heavenly fuzz with an intense pop song discipline beating underneath the teenage dripping dream dress up parties. It’s a swoony kind of swing full of paranormal spooks and twee poetry loops and it haunts like a broken heart.

Two of the tracks available (via Straya’s community radio station JJJ unearthed site) provide a glimpse of the explosive future ahead for Bree.

“I Expected More” is simple and delicate in its execution with a beautiful atmosphere and exquisite lead and backing vocals. It has the kind of class that Martha Wainwright displays. It’s a very visual sound that Bree demonstrates on this track. I kind of feel like I’m watching a coming of age film about a young girl who foolishly falls in love on her Paris adventure. It’s all optimism and achy which floats around with a swoony desert atmosphere nestled in a luxurious bed of vintage flowers and cream.

“Alright” is Crampish guitar freak-out with a slacker chorus tinged with beautifully depressed and dark vocals that make the song soar into an apocalyptic yet hypnotic breeze. Pepper this with infusions of a cranberry croon and a pomegranate sunshine steam and you get an idea of the kind of summer dress you’ll need to wear in order to dance barefoot through the snow. My only complaint with this song, I’d lose the guitar solo, it just takes up space and really takes away from the emotional pace of the song.    

The music of Bree De Rome is safe in its execution but underneath the standardised vintage shtick and verse to chorus to bridge format, there are some incredibly aching stories funding the sound. It’s clear that Bree is a very strong songwriter and she’ll only continue to get better. I reckon she should focus more on the darkness of her sounds and less of the twee and really add some rock n roll grunt to hear angelic sounds.

All in all its beautiful music and I can’t wait to witness her live and hear a more full length movement of music. Bree De Rome is bound to be a radio star in no time.

8 Cassette Tapes Out Of Ten

By Dan Newton


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