My Top Eleven Songs Of 2012


These are my favourite Eleven songs of 2012:

1. Stranded by Lee Ranaldo

The most beautiful love song ever written. This song makes me want to kiss someone for the first time and make the awkward pledge to fall in love. It’s all teenage crush swoon.

2. Rosemary by Deftones

This song is so incredibly beautiful, the scope of emotions covered in this epic ode to connection and escapism is at times overwhelming. It engulfs every part of you.

3. Bleeding Muddy Water by Mark Lanegan Band

Blues music should always sound as moody as this song

4.  Bones of Birds by Soundgarden

This is the sound of grown up teen angst and when you’re faced with turning 30 next year, you need more grown up teenage angst

5. Struck The Match by Foxes

Struck The Match by Foxes

Shiver pop via post punk grooves with amazing lyrics and a floaty heartbreak swoon at the centre

6. Open Coffins by Down

Sludge with Anselmo vocals, this combo will never fail

7. Dancing On Your Grave by The Halls

In 2012 I invented a genre term “Shiver Pop” to help describe a new movement of music I was hearing locally that managed to attack my heart and make me feel new things. The Halls are pure Shiver Pop and this song is amazing.

8. Trophy by +++ (Crosses)

The kind of sail that makes you want to kiss her, this is pure dream pop.

9. Dawn Chorus by Beth Orton

A late afternoon drive home from the excitement of a first date. The way the folk sounds of this track clash with the electric hums is just divine and then that magical voice swoops in and steals your heart and saturates your emotions with a sigh.

10. Valentine by Fiona Apple

I think I’ll listen to this song on the 14th February for the rest of my natural life, so beautiful.

11. Bad Girls by M.I.A.

M.I.A. is the new muse for my creative adventures in 2013 and this song is such a beautiful example as to why.


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