Review: “I Bet on Sky” by Dinosaur Jr.


It is impossible for Dinosaur Jr. to make a bad album. I own pretty much everything the band has released, from the original line-up, to the middle J Mascis only period, all the bootlegs and BBC sessions material, B-side compilations, rare singles and of course the three new albums released since J, Lou and Murph re-united. None of the music contained across the discography is bad. It is all solid and always contains beautiful ear bleeding country.

“I Bet on Sky” is the third album released since the band re-united and although it is still quite a sonic and rock n roll affair the album itself has a mellow feel to its fuzz. J Mascis of course leads us through his mumbling musings on life and lets his guitar playing do the bulk of the emotional talking. The two token Lou Barlow tracks as always give great continuity to proceedings.

There is nothing new on offer with this album, but when it comes to Dinosaur Jr. it isn’t about providing you anything new. The band has their own unique language and each new album is a warm hug from old friends. I have never had any complaints about any of the music made by Dinosaur Jr. It has always been full of great emotion and adventurous fuzz. “I Bet on Sky” is no different and over the course of 40 minutes you are transported away to a new emotional landscape that only J Mascis, Lou Barlow and Murph are capable of making.

8 Cassette Tapes out of 10


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