Review: “Sugaring Season” by Beth Orton


Beth Orton is an angel in my mind, a sweet silky sound that is the true journey of any coming of age new romance that diverts into a tragic breakdown of communication with the trust breaking and the darkness of heartache fast peppering your existence with a hurt that shapes a desire for new names and a brand new landscape of light. It doesn’t matter where here career is, Beth always manages to bring tales of broken hearts and brand new starts and helps give sound to the confusing journey of love.

“Sugaring Season” is no different and picks up perfectly where her last album “Comfort Of Strangers” left off.

“Sugaring Season” is a very grown up record and takes us back to basics in terms of the sonics, dynamics and overall song writing. It is rooted in the traditional folktronica that Beth was apart of spearheading in the 90’s but it adds a new wisdom to the blueprint.

To my ears it sounds like the kind of break-up record that will appeal to the 30 years and over crowd. When I say this, I don’t mean Beth has ventured into mediocre adult contempory, quite the opposite, but what I really mean by my initial statement is that “Sugaring Season” will appeal to that post 30’s person who is watching all their friends get married, find love, start families have blossoming careers and essentially not making the kind of juvenile mistakes in the arena of love that you are. That is the kind of confusion funding the emotion behind each song on this album. There is hope buried underneath that and a commitment to self improvement but just when the song steers in that direction the emotional backdrop nestles back into the ache and pain of the aforementioned post 30’s confusion.

This is a classic Beth Orton that relies on emotional evolution as opposed to musical revolution to sell its message. It is the perfect record to initiate you into the Beth Orton universe.

10 Cassette Tapes Out Of 10


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