Review: “Born To Die” and “Paradise” by Lana Del Rey



I am so in love with Lana Del Rey. She is this mysterious and beautiful sound that haunts me every time I listen to it. She is a shiver up my spine and her music sounds like a David Lynch film and has Twin Peaks eeriness. It sounds best late at night with the lights off when your mind is clear. This is storytelling songwriting but it swirls in pure fantasy. I don’t doubt that Lana Del Rey has sprinkled some fact in her fiction but the way she positions herself in each song makes me feel like she has a future as an actress. Like Lana herself has stated, this is indeed Hollywood Pop and is full of glitz and glamour but like Hollywood it has a darkness suffocating the disintegration of your dreams of being star.

“Born to Die” and “Paradise” are full of slick and lush production and are clearly linked to Hip Hop culture but to my old ears it sounds like an update on the Portishead sound. This is essentially a very American sounding update on the Trip-Hop genre and is of course in its most basic form is just plain old pop music. Naturally I was cynical about what Lana Del Rey offered to the evolution of music and although her sound isn’t exactly originally in its scientific make up it has a mood that is unique. It is this mood that draws you in and resonates with you. It is incredibly seductive and casts a spell over you and as mentioned just saturates you in shivers. The album and EP play out like cinema with each new song opening up the complexity of our lead character, Ms Lana Del Rey. It is not a new idea but in 2012 it is nice to see an artist striving for a bit of Cinema in their sound.

Lana Del Rey is a star and she will continue to become a very important part of the cultural lexicon and whether she continues to make music or does cross over to film, who cares. She is vital and hype worth investing in.

8 Cassette Tapes out of 10


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