Review: “Come Home To Mama” by Martha Wainwright



Martha Wainwright has so far released two flawless albums of sophisticated folk music and her third album “Come Home To Mama” is no exception to the delicate way she crafts her music. I have to say though; this is my favourite collection of Martha Wainwright music. There is so much Joy yet so much pain a lot of pop skills mixed with a lot of darkness and shiver. It is the sound of a real professional communicator doing her best to showcase her emotional landscapes and stories of her existence. A lot of people try to be this honest but a lot of the time they mix fantasy with fiction to cloud the truth. Martha Wainwright is all truth and her heart is well and truly on her sleeve.

The highlight of this album is her version of “Proserpina” which was written by Martha’s late mother Kate McGarrigle who herself was a famous Canadian folk music singer. Having recently become a mother herself, hearing Martha sing her own Mother’s song as a tribute is one of the most emotional things I’ve ever heard. It is hard not to be moved by the hurt and the yearn bleeding all over the track. Lyrically, the song is in the traditional folk story vein but the emotional delivery given by Martha showcases the pain of her loss and also her struggles with the joy of her own journey into Motherhood. It is a very beautiful song and for me sums up the talent of Martha Wainwright.

“Come Home To Mama” is beautiful music and you all need to own this record.

10 Cassette tapes out of 10


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