Review: “Visions” by Grimes


Grimes is the sound of dream pop circa 2012 and I’m so very glad that she exists. I know that Pitchfork and the hipster elite celebrate her and I think that this is something that they got right. The music Grimes makes is so incredibly right on and I absolutely love it. It contains all the float and swoon of bands like Cocteau Twins with the weirdness of Bjork. In fact, if Bjork retires anytime soon I have got a feeling that Grimes would be the perfect replacement for the evolution of her – Bjork that is – quirky brand of pop music.

I find myself listening to this record at different points of the day and you just relax into the grooves and soundscapes. It puts you in a trance of wonder and Grimes deals with the kind of dream pop fantasy that I’ve only ever heard Cocteau Twins achieve and although I’ve already pointed that out I think it requires repeating because Cocteau Twins are a very special band.

I’m also impressed with just how back to basics and lo-fi the whole affair is. This isn’t a grand exercise in overproduced sheen. It still is very dusty and to hear Grimes use some incredibly basic loops and samples yet still manipulate something unique is the part that inspires me the most.

My advice is to believe the hype because Grimes is only going to get better and better.

9 Cassette tapes out of 10


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