Review: “Banga” by Patti Smith



If anyone talks to me about influence and who I’m essentially trying to mimic creatively as a front person, lyricist, artist and performer my answer will always be Patti Smith. She is the queen of my creative existence and anything good that I’ve done recently is due to her influence on my life.

In 2012, Patti sounds more vital and more intense than she did when she first exploded onto the scene with her debut “Horses” and like every great artist of our time she continues to evolve. Her new album “Banga” is a beautiful yet mellow affair but it still contains all of the intensity and poetry that Patti is renowned for. This album is like a warm hug from your Nana and it is the perfect music to listen to when the confusion of youth haunts you but the notion of time running out has caught up.

What I love about Patti is the way she mixes her poetry with a more traditional rock n roll style. Patti knows how to write straight up rock n roll and these tracks are a plenty throughout “Banga” but it is when Patti delves into her spoken word melodies and poetry passages and the band just hovers behind her building the emotion as she does, that I’m truly turned on by the power of Patti Smith’s version of rock n roll. This is when I love Patti Smith the most and on “Banga” we get a lot of moments like this.

If you’re not a fan of Patti Smith you must educate yourself and buy everything she has ever released. It is some of the best rock n roll you’ll hear.

Patti Smith, my hero

10 Cassette tapes out of 10


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