Review: “Harakiri” by Serj Tankian



Serj Tankian was my favourite part of System Of A Down. His voice and unique approach to melodies and songwriting helped give the band a unique language. He is an amazing frontman and his lyrics deal with heavy political and emotional issues with both depth and humour. From day one I’ve been a massive fan of his solo material and although he hasn’t quite reached the freaky experimental heights that I hoped for, Serj has managed to show just what a strong songwriter he is.

“Harakiri” sees Serj return to his metal / rock roots. It is a straight up movement of rock n roll and it is insanely catchy and beautifully sequenced. It is quite an enjoyable record from start to finish. The beautiful thing about all of the music Serj has been apart of is the way he collides the epic with the pop. The way a song can be so progressive yet so instant is just brilliant. There is also a lot of punk rock racing through the urgency of the songs. I’m also attracted to the humour that Serj injects into the often serious topics being covered in the lyrics. It is incredibly intelligent.

Serj Tankian is a musical visionary and will only continue to revolutionise our hearts and our minds with each new movement of music he attaches himself too.

8 Cassette Tapes out of 10


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