Review: “House Of Gold and Bones Part 1” by Stone Sour



Stone Sour is another one of those bands that I love quite a bit but rarely ever talk about. For those who don’t know, Stone Sour was the original band that Slipknot singer Corey Taylor and Slipknot guitarist Jim Root originally played in prior to Slipknot. They play the kind of rock n roll that Alice In Chains were renowned for. It is really heavy but incredibly melodic and also has some beautiful sweet acoustic ballads. Stone Sour have released three solid rock albums (Self-Titled, Come What(ever) May and Audio Secrecy) which I’ve enjoyed immensely but it wasn’t until they released “House Of Gold and Bones Part 1” this year that they truly reached the point of total “fuck yeah.”

“House Of Gold and Bones Part 1” is the first part of a two part movement of music that Stone Sour is releasing. It is a concept record but without the weight and soap opera narrative. It is about the pain of existence and delivered with that unique Corey Taylor vision.

The main thing that I love about this album is the way the band have become heavier without sacrificing the extreme degree of melody of the past two albums. Where “Come What(ever) May” and “Audio Secrecy” had the ability to slip into that mainstream radio sound, “House Of Gold and Bones Part 1” avoids that. When we hit a moment of extreme melody within the heaviness it reminds me more of Anthrax.

The album itself has set a beautiful platform for part two and I wait eagerly for what comes next because there is a sense that “House Of Gold and Bones Part 1” feels unfinished. That is my only criticism of the album but it is hardly worth noting considering that Part 2 will no doubt add the extra piece to the puzzle.

We need bands like Stone Sour in the mainstream rock world because regardless of how people feel about it, loud distorted guitars is an art form and we need intelligent bands like Stone Sour to help push the boundaries within their established genre.

Stone Sour is the perfect American rock band.

9 Cassette Tapes Out Of 10


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