Heavy and Weird Album Of The Week – Volume Two – “We’re Here Because We’re Here” by Anathema


This week the album was picked by Bec Wolfers, and is the eighth studio album and 2010 release from British band Anathema. The album was mixed by Steven Wilson from Porcupine Tree.

Anathema have a fascinating trajectory as a band. Beginning their musical career as death/doom metal pioneers, the band has gradually evolved their sound to create the pure, spiritually resplendent post-rock joy of ‘We’re Here Because We’re Here’. For a band that once toured with Cannibal Corpse, Anathema’s music shows an impressive amount of growth and emotional maturity. Every second on ‘We’re Here Because We’re Here” is a moment, quietly resonating or boisterously exploding with love. The lyrics vibrate with naked truth, recalling the importance of hope, and displaying a poetic wisdom soothing to the soul.

I only recently was introduced to this album by my brother, when he came up to visit me from Sydney. This was the first time we had really hung out, after the slightly unusual situation of not having had any contact with each other growing up. Thanks to reaching out over the internet, I’m lucky to say that I now have an actual relationship with a very special young man.

Anathema’s ‘We’re Here Because We’re Here’ is a work of sonic art that I highly recommend listening to. Fittingly, it’s also a band that features a whole lot of family, including a brother and sister, as well as a (different) set of three brothers.

By Bec Wolfers


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