Robot Sex: Or how I learnt to put prejudice aside



It has become apparent to me and I suspect many others that the illusion that bands are made up of the usual guitarist, drummer, bassist and singer combo has gone out the window. It’s gone out the fifteen-story window and landed with a loud ‘splat’ next to the previous notion that musicians make their money through record sales. Nowadays anyone with pro tools, Ableton and a diverse set of samples can make something of themselves.


When I first learnt of this concept back in the (for me the not so) good ol’ days of high school when I was just an introverted punk (putting oxymoron’s aside) sitting in maths listening to Cool Kids by Screeching Weasel someone said ‘hey listen to my friends/cousins/birds music they are really original/thought provoking/have no time on their hands. I reached out with what I thought was an open mind and listened to about 16 seconds before remarking: ‘It sounds like robots having sex.’ For a while I was put off anything with so much as a electronic / industrial description. But since that ominous day in grade 12 math I have indeed opened my mind, broadened my musical preferences and befriend some of these so-called computer musicians. ‘Computer Musician’ I found out is the politically incorrect term; they prefer just to be called musicians.


Through my new found tolerance I have discovered that – while the vast majority fall short of creativity and musical harmony – some are indeed thought provokingly original, intelligent and creative. So without further ado here are four Australian ‘Computer’ musicians that you should check out:


A bit abstract one not strictly computer music, but with definite electronic undertones.

Kučka –


Seriously cool dude.

Outerwaves –

Elroy 4.0

Elroy 4.0 is what I can only explain as ‘happening right now’ he’s quickly rising in popularity so get on that band wagon.

Elroy 4.0 –


Very local, currently underground Abelisk is working on an EP Project Monarch check Abelisk out and get this dude some exposure.

Abelisk –

And for good measure here is Screeching Weasel singing about cool kids

By Kat Gibson


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