Story of a broke (wo) man



For those of us Music enthusiasts (nerds let’s face it) who, despite our best efforts are completely and utterly broke each week, never fear there are options to boot.

Free live music is hard to come by as booking a venue and organising artists costs a fair amount of money. Making sure people turn up to pay is even harder (trust me I’ve been there).

So if you’re like me and love live music when free live music comes into the limelight you’re not going to pass up the opportunity to see it, not now, not never.

Luckily in Brisbane there’s always a bar or two (or about five) who see the opportunity in putting on free live music. People are like magpies attracted to alfoil when it comes to loud music and the simple equation is the more people coming in, the more sales you’re going to get.

We all know Rics is a dime and a venue that offers free live music and a great atmosphere. It is such an awesome venue in general. Then there’s the Prince of Wales who occasionally do free music, depending which promoter is involved. These Punkfest nights are for those of us who love dirty punk and a the POW is the perfect venue for these events (I’ve been kicked out of that place more then I would like to admit alas not because of any punk behaviour, at the time I was underage.)

Then there’s Fat Louis (cheap happy hour), The Boundary hotel on a Thursday, Music cafe on a Wednesday, the Tempo, the Exchange and the list goes on and on and on. So really, If you’re as broke as me there is no excuse not to see live music and to help give your favourite local bands some exposure.

Finally in my bid to give a local band said exposure, just last night I was at the Boundary and I saw a band called Chun play with Junkyard diamonds and Dead Zephyr. They were awesome! Chun kind of stole the show (Junkyard I love you) but seriously they just oozed coolness. They were very, very grunge. Although the guys voice did sound very Kurt-Cobainish, which suited me and my Nirvana shirt just fine, I know grunge can and should be of its own entity and not how much you sound like Nirvana. Back to Chun! Despite not having a bassist (Dead Zephyr lack one two, people a good bassist can make a band stop neglecting them!) I was not expecting grunge considering the lead singer was wearing a Norwegian black metal shirt; they covered Johnny Cash and everything.

So I would love,love, love to link and share their music with you however I cannot find a single thing pertaining to Chun on facebook or the world wide web which once again supports my theory that live music is better. The internet is not as all knowing as I thought.

So people LOOK OUT for a two piece grunge band called Chun, they will amaze you.

In the mean time, a theory on the origins of Grunge

By Kat Gibson


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