Review: “Push The Sky Away” by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds


What the hell are doing reading this review I ask you, you should be going out to your closest record store and buying this album?

That is my honest thoughts when I sit down to write about the new album from Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds “Push The Sky Away” – you really should stop listening to what I have to say or anyone for that matter and just go and buy it. Sacrifice that money you put aside for some redundant social activity and buy it, listen to it, turn the lights off and just succumb to the sounds contained across the 43 minutes of music communicated on this album. Don’t re-think, don’t dabble in “well should I or shouldn’t I” just fucking do it and do it now, find a way to get this album as soon as you can. Don’t waste your time with the fickle internal conversations of “will I like his new stuff better than his old stuff” or “I’m a first timer, is this the best place to start” just silence all of that dialogue and just buy it and do it now I tell you. Don’t download it, don’t illegally acquire it find that $20 and move move move until you have it and then sit still and be silent and let the music wash over you so that you can feel the freedom of “Push The Sky Away” – yes, you have to act now.

This album will set you free and it will put you in a trance. Its romantic sway will have you in a state of absolute bliss with only your head nodding slowly to the swoon and heartache grooves beaming from your speakers and or headphones. From the moment it starts “Push The Sky Away” is a vehicle of blue ray sunshine and you’ll look at your important schedule of nothing to be somewhere turn to a crumbling mess of “well where am I?” and you won’t have time to resurface for anything other than pushing play on your stereo device over and over again. These songs are heartbreak hymns about the beautiful mysterious muse who stalks you and you won’t find resolve only a deeper longing for the rapture of her beautiful face. Any pollution you’ve saturated your soul in will be washed away and you will feel as clean as a beautiful blank canvas with your heart ready for a new season of ceremonial crushes. The songs will help you remember the one you lost, the one you let get away and the one you are currently silently stalking with your buried pleas of explosive sighs that only keep you awake at night. This album will keep you bathed in the stars as you lay awake at night thinking of her, just thinking and thinking until you slip off into sleep only to wake to the piercing stain of the morning sun that serves to crucify your numbness trading it for a brand new look at how far away she really is from understanding how much you need her to be there lying beside you. Oh yes, believe me when I say that this album is a beautiful religious experience and meditation on the ache and after years of talking about it being all throughout his music, Nick Cave has finally delivered us a movement of music that perfectly captures his philosophy on the importance of the love song.

“Push The Sky Away” is the perfect cultural artefact for us to worship in 2013 when the love song has been taken over and held captive by emptiness and the minds of weak individuals. This is the album to help provide us salvation from the nonsense and the noise of the self-indulgent musicians polluting our universe. In 2013, only Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds are capable of making love songs for the 21st Century and you’d be foolish not to surrender into this blanket of bliss and to let the noise of it all bring you a comfort that only comes from the shiver of the divine.

So what the fuck are you doing still reading this? Go now and get your copy of “Push The Sky Away” by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds.


10 cassette tapes out of 10

By Dan Newton



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