Review: The Golden Bridge by No Anchor


No Anchor is the greatest thing happening in Brisbane music right now. Liking this band won’t make you hip, won’t afford you any startfucking privileges, it won’t get you on Triple J, it won’t get you on some redundant festival circuit and it certainly won’t get you laid or paid. It will however make you smarter every second you spend listening to their music and you’ll soon find yourself wondering why you spent so much money on high recording budget marketing schemes when you can just get into a room, bash out some harsh sludge pop noise excursions and get good at being radical. Music this intense and beautiful can only ever be made by the well-adjusted and that is exactly what listening to No Anchor will do to you in return.

In November 2012 No Anchor released their 9th movement of noise called “The Golden Bridge” and it is without a doubt the sonic pain relief to all of the borecore sounds polluting our town.

Everything about this album is amazing; from start to finish it is pure audio perfection. It is intense, it is arty, it takes you on a journey and most of all it fucking rocks so damn hard. This is the album that any young Brisbane band should be listening too and working out either how to better it or at least rip it off. This is the album that deserves to have all of your kudos and praise and as result of the glorious noise being demonstrated on “The Golden Bridge” each member of the band deserves their own star in the motherfucking valley mall. This is the sound of music at its most pure.

How does it sound?

Fuck descriptions, you need to just follow the links and buy it and let the sludge wash over you and clean every trace of anything bland from your musical taste. Yeah, I guess you can compare it to the Melvins but only in its dedication to the bizarre and the heavy. I would describe the sound of “The Golden Bridge” as being disgustipated pop music  or better yet the best genre tag is either dronecore or sludge pop, I mean fuck I’m trying to invent genres for my own benefit but in reality this is just heavy metal. All I can come back to is if you consider yourself a fan of The Melvins or Sonic Youth then you will love every inch of this record. Did I mention Sunn O))) and Boris? If I didn’t then I will say these bands also play an important part in shaping the way “The Golden Bridge” communicates itself. Let me just say though, although I compare it to those bands doesn’t mean there is any ripping off happening. No Anchor have always been their own thing and “The Golden Bridge” illustrates that they most definitely have their own piece of the rock n roll language all to themselves.

Stop being lazy, stop being close-minded, stop believing in your fucking verses and chorus’ and do yourself a favour and get educated by the only band in Brisbane who I’d buy a t-shirt from. This is world-class sludge and in a world of vanilla fudge we need the fucking sludge. This is the death to everything borecore in the world. The best part is, this noise is made by two bass players and a drummer. Not a single jerk-off guitar player in sight. That in itself makes it a breath of fresh air.

So get radical and buy this album, it is flawless.

10 Cassette Tapes Out Of 10

By: Dan Newton

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