Review: “Come Up Invisible” by We All Want To


If I ever had to explain to an alien what indie pop is I’d give him a copy of “Come Up Invisible” by We All Want To. In fact I’d give him a copy of anything by We All Want To because they make such great pop music, but that is just the general surface stuff. If you go deeper into the sound of “Come Up Invisible” you’ll hear an array of different influences on display including folk, shoegaze, punk rock and even hints of post rock. All of that journalism wank aside, the thing that really makes “Come Up Invisible” a great album is the fact that underneath all of it there are a bunch of really well written songs, perfectly and intricately crafted yet executed so effortlessly. Each individual song has a beautiful pace and they rise and fall so amazingly always putting the emotion at the front and centre of the communication. The music sways from track to track with a thematic buzz and lyrically we see a lot of different stories being presented. In the tradition of Bob Dylan these songs are full of rhythmic almost beat poetry lyrical attacks that form quite a unique melodic structure although the whole Zimmerman reference point only really sums up the spirit of the lyrics and melodies on display here.

While in parts the music is playful and fun loving, there is quite a big serious side to “Come Up Invisible” and it is quite a reflective movement of music. It doesn’t weigh you down though and even when it gets intense it still has a bright pop skill resurrecting the light and playful nature that I discussed earlier. The standout track is by far the opening number “Ramp Up The Bleeding” which is just a freedom run of the purest kind. It is so glorious and is the perfect introduction to the sweet swoons that follow. Another highlight is without a doubt “Where Sleeping Ends” which is one the most revealing songs ever written by Tim Steward. I’ve spent most of my history in awe of his songwriting and this song is no exception, beautifully communicated and without being too clichéd it reminds of everything I love about Brisbane. The centrepiece of the album though is the epic (and fuck I hate saying epic, but that is the only way to explain it) “Shine.” From the moment Skye opens her mouth to sing her song I’m in that vehicle with her, hanging on every single word and feeling my emotions rise and fall with the music. The final payoff at the end is the biggest and brightest ray of light I’d experienced in a long time, fuck it is glorious. It gave me the feeling that there is still good air to breathe in this world, and to be honest that is all I ever want music to do, make me feel beautiful.

These are only a few of the many highlights on display during the course of “Come Up Invisible” and I have to return to my previous sentiment that the album as a whole reminds me that there is good air to breathe. I know I’m repeating myself there, but fuck it, the damn phrase needs repeating when it comes to explaining how powerful the music of We All Want To is.  I could sit here and write a bunch of music journalist wank or I could report the truth and the truth of the matter is “Come Up Invisible” is a flawless album from a band that is only just beginning. The collective histories of each member have made this album the masterpiece that it is. It’s not a case of doing yourself a favour it is my instruction that you absolutely must own a copy of this album and then buy a copy for your mother and then your father and then for every single person you know. I’m just planting seeds really but one thing I do know for sure is that “Come Up Invisible” by We All Want To is good for your health.

God bless the fucking lot of them

10 cassette tapes out of 10

By: Dan Newton

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