Review: “I Don’t Desire Your Empire” by The Androgyny


The Androgyny make some seriously sweet noise, fuck it roars and I love nothing more than turning their music up to full volume, getting in my car and just chasing down my thoughts on the safety of a night drenched highway. The Androgyny play a mean collision of heartache rock n roll and riot grrrl screams with every note on their debut EP “I Don’t Desire Your Empire” being a direct hit to your heart. You can’t help but fall under the spell of their hypnotic noise rock and sticky as fuck pop skills. These choruses imprint themselves on your brain and they stay with you long after you press stop on the stereo. Each song feels conceptually linked on “I Don’t Desire Your Empire” with the song “Not Your Heroin” feeling like the centre piece. Singer and main songwriter of the band Tessa Richards delivers intense passion all throughout the EP and her rawness lyrically matches the intense hum of the music.  Over the course of writing this review I’ve had “Not Your Heroin” on repeat because it is such a classic rock n roll track, fuck it is cathartic. It has a firm middle finger to all the lameness that comes with relationship breakdowns and it just makes me want to scream “fuck you” to so many of my ex-lovers. The other star of this EP is of course bassist Emma Mallory who provides the Kim Deal coolness in the bottom end, really driving the drama of the songs home. My favourite track is “Make Her Tremble,” fuck it is so beautiful. The way it twists and turns and sails into a balls to the wall rock moment reminds me of a gothic Sleater-Kinney.

My excitement for this band makes it hard to sit down to write an objective review because quite simply I’m in love with every inch of the noise made by The Androgyny. There is nothing fake or forced in the sound of this band and I believe every second of it. Being a hopeless romantic I find that this music appeals to that side of me that consistently exists in the realm of the unrequited whilst at the same time it gives me the cathartic chill needed to escape the broken hearts and helps give me the space for a brand new start. The Androgyny make great music and it is only going to get better from here. When I listen to the band I can hear strength, the same kind of strength that an artist like PJ Harvey displays. The Androgyny deserves every bit of success that they get. Go and buy a copy of this EP and chase away the demons of all your ex-lovers. I can’t wait to witness this music live because I have a sneaking suspicion that it will totally dominate.

So what the fuck are you waiting for, do it. As their bio clearly states this is the all-girl three piece rock band you have waiting for. Hallelujah is all I can say, fucking finally.

10 cassette tapes out of 10

By: Dan Newton

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