Review: “Mouth” by The Sea Shall Not Have Them


From the opening ambience of “Mouth” you are put into a moment of surrender. You just lean back into your comfortable chair and relax into the trance and hypnotic sways of the music. This is music that is given room to breathe and grow and as each track unfolds itself you find yourself drifting. The music propels you to float peacefully like a romantic night swim. You find yourself lying flat on your back staring up at the night sky and wishing for the aliens to come and take you home. It is incredibly tranquil stuff and it makes you want to cry. I found myself in state of wonder throughout the entire album, just musing on every inch of my romantic life but also looking forward into the crazy unknown darkness and light that is death. The music on “Mouth” birthed so much philosophy in my mind and it asked more questions than it answered. It felt like I had just made friends with a brand new human being that helped give purpose to those blank canvas moments I desire in life. This music is seriously spiritual and it is your own personal soundtrack to whatever deep emotional pain you are feeling. The band use beauty and bliss as opposed to angst and aggression to reach your soul and that is always refreshing no matter what decade you find yourself in. I could see universes beyond me and when I closed my eyes and turned the volume up my mind went to so many different dimensions. It got to the point where I felt as if I was floating above my body in a state of meditative bliss. I never felt lonely, I felt more connected to the world than I ever had and it gave me the clarity to feel at peace with myself. Listening to “Mouth” was indeed like a religious experience and in my exhausted sleep deprived state the final crescendos of the album helped give so much beauty to rising sun and cool breeze of the morning. I witnessed something change in myself and I wanted to hug strangers and forgive every asshole who had ever made me feel like an alien. The feeling channelled by The Sea Shall Not Have Them on “Mouth” is purely an exercise in the divine. You won’t just shiver, you’ll shake and you will fall deeper into yourself and by the time it ends you’ll be in state of pure relaxation and as Yoko said, love is relaxation.

This album will clear the black paint from your third eye and make you realise that music is not a product and shouldn’t be sold in that way. This album takes music back to a state of purity and it doesn’t matter what age or stage you are at, you need to buy this album. If you are already a believer in making art as opposed to commerce then it will re-enforce that importance, but if you are still caught in the throes of wanting to be a rock n roll star than perhaps this album will wash you clean of that redundant life cycle and give you the direction to your radical self and make you see the importance of making pure uncompromised music.

This album has no flaws and I think the best instruction I can give to anyone is to cancel all those Friday night and Saturday night “fuck yeah, party” plans and turn off every single light in your house, lay flat on the floor (no pillows or comfort enablers) and just surrender. This music could bring ultimate calm to earth and in the words of Bill that will give us the time to explore space, both inner and outer, in peace.

10 Cassette Tapes Out of 10

By Dan Newton:


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