Thank You xo


Hello Heavy and Weird Readers,

I know that I promised to publish a David Bowie blog each night this week along with a bunch of other stuff, but unfortunately life got in the way this week so there hasn’t been a space of time available to publish or write.

What I can promise you is that the following will be published over the course of Friday Night through to Sunday Night:

1. David Bowie – Loving the Alien (volume two to five)
2. Part three and four of my Male Feminist blog
3. My review of the new My Bloody Valentine, Atoms for Peace and The Drones albums
4. Part three and Four of “Bands I Love but Never Really Talk About” series (focussing on Machine Head and Killswitch Engage)

I’ll also be publishing Kelly’s first article which is a great piece on digital culture and the consumption of music and Clint’s review of My Bloody Valentine live (from both the ATP festival and the Brisbane show).

There will also be some changes coming over the next few weeks. We are going to be debuting our “Music News” section which will be a daily blog bringing you all the up to date news in relation to the music world. Also hoping to do the same for the art and the political, so stay tuned for that. Moving into the year we’ll be launching our own Youtube Channel where we will be conducting in-depth interviews with a wide array of people from musicians to activists to artists, you name it. Also looking to branch out and do some podcasts as well.

As the year rolls on we are looking to organise some “Heavy and Weird” curated live shows. This will be a chance for us to feature a range of different artists on the stage.

This is only the beginning and we thank each and every one of you for being a part of the journey. On a personal level I can say that it means a lot to have not only a dedicated team of writers but also a dedicated group of readers. When I started “Heavy and Weird” my idea was a space to write about music. To see my idea expand and grow into a community truly is a beautiful thing. When I say that I love you all deeply for being a part of it, I mean it and I will continue to give back to you all and be as generous and open as I can.

At the end of the day, this is all about communication and I absolutely love being connected to you all through the medium of communication that Heavy and Weird has become.

Big Love

Dan xo


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