Album Review: “Chelsea Light Moving” by Chelsea Light Moving


“Be a Warrior, love light” – heavenmetal

“A matter of time I can only float with” “A prayer come true” “feminine beauty is awe and all else bows” – Mohawk

I give thanks to the higher realms (you know, the place where all of the gods and angels gather) for delivering us the divine gift of Thurston Moore. A poet, a musical visionary, a guitar noise meditator, a punk rock icon and a rock n roll inside / outside pioneer. The man has been responsible for a lot over the years and in 2013 we need to give thanks and praise to the universe beyond us for the gift of his art.

What / Point?

In March 2013 Thurston released the debut self-titled album from his new band “Chelsea Light Moving” who is a new collection of noise adventurers (Thurston, Samara Lubelski, John Moloney and Keith Wood) dedicated to making some harsh and heavy guitar slime for the new decade. It is a heavenly collision of all of the great moods of rock n roll mixed with some sweet slice poetry and stay at home on a Friday night cool.

This album fucking jams like the clean sheets of a motherfucker. It explodes and unfolds all kinds of grimness and spookiness; it truly is the smoothest movement of horror since the birth of hardcore. There is nothing flawed or out of place on the album at all. There are bummer sunshine beginnings, noise movement freakouts, free jazz sonic circles, poetry about girls, spiritual hums, heavy metal anti-wank, odes to all things Sabbath and Flag, internal searching for Patti Smith and whole lot of fresh guitar soul power.

Albums like this don’t deserve to be reviewed or given critical analysis, they just deserve your worship. Thurston Moore has always been the sound of rock n roll to me. It doesn’t matter what band he’s playing in or music he’s releasing it always carries everything I want and need. With his new band Chelsea Light Moving he has assembled a new group of people who serve his vision and will only add to his already perfect history.

This album is pure rock n roll perfection.

10 cassette tapes out of 10

By: Dan Newton

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