LIVE REVIEW: Dark Relic EP Launch w/ Acorea, Portrait of Pride, Irukandji and Maltheist at Tall Poppy Studios Saturday 2nd March 2013


It’s raining torrentially outside and me and three friends are directing ourselves to Tall Poppy Studios in an industrial area outside of town. After ten minutes of pointing and saying ‘I think it’s over there’, we enter a spacious yet intimate venue that’s full of what I can only describe as’ hardcore kids’. I was disappointed by the first few bands – they had a good vibe, tight sound and a fun outlook but their sound lacked originality.  One band didn’t even notice the speakers were off for their entire set. That being said, the audience seemed to enjoy themselves, dancing that ridiculous dance that makes people look like they are trying to take off by flinging their arms around in circle. The only supporting band that impressed were Irukandji and, not being familiar with them, were a nice surprise. Convinced I was going to have another dull night Dark Relic more than made up for all the indiscretions.

Since I first saw them almost a year ago at the rock school challenge – which they won – Dark Relic has risen in popularity, and gotten even better. Their stage presence outshines almost every Brisbane band I’ve seen. Interactive and lovable, Dark Relic just released their EP ‘Succubus’ and, understandably, they like to make a big deal about it.

Ryan’s impressive vocal range compliments not one but two lead guitarists, something the band takes advantage of by having a rock off (although the crowd seems to like both guitarists equally and the end result is an awkward pause going into the next song).

Dark Relic already has a devoted following – Ryan regularly passes the mic to people in the audience who clearly know the lyrics.  ‘Whoever moshes the hardest,’ says Ryan, ‘wins an an EP.’  Props to the the BF for my copy.

The band finishes up their set with a crowd favourite ‘Succubus’ which is the song that defines their new EP. Dark Relic is a mighty force that will plod through the charts of Australian metal and into our hearts.

Dark relic’s EP is a great listen and if you want to support your local scene and you love metal, pick this one up. I recommend seeing these guys live as they are a talented band that sound even better live. There are some things you just can’t capture on a recording.  Go see them on their EP launch tour and pick up ‘Succubus’. Trust me.

If you love your metal epic, then you’ll fucking love Dark Relic.

By: Kat Gibson


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