LIVE REVIEW: Cheated Hearts (15/3/2013)


“Sex, pugs and rock n roll”.

It’s another Friday night in the depths of Fortitude Valley. The place where beats are pumping and feet are shuffling. Tonight, I’m on my way to check out Brisbane’s trendy new Queer Friendly dance party ‘Cheated Hearts’ which is being held at ALLONEWORD. The clock is about to stike 9 o’clock. Before I reach the entrance, I’m met by this cute, bouncy little lady with delicious looking pink hair. It’s one of the hip leading ladies, Sophia De Marco. “I’m ready for a big night. Let’s see if we can reach capacity again”, she says.

Walking through the doors into ALLONEWORD, I feel like I’ve been transported into a fancy Persian lounge room. There’s velvet booths lining the wall to my right, framed by golden tassels. These booths are definitely ready for some lovin’. Venturing outside, I find the DJ podium. Covered in white ‘shagadelic’ fur, I couldn’t help but have a little giggle to myself as the words, ‘stroke the furry walls’ popped into my mind. Quite a fitting moment I realised when I looked around a few seconds later to see a giant mural of Russel Brand painted on one of the walls.

Kicking off the night are the two trendy ladies from ‘Dotwav’. It’s their first gig around town and a small but rowdy crowd of party people have gathered in front of the DJ desk. Pumping out an array of electro, trap, dub step and hip hop beats, they even dare to take us back to the ‘Thong Song’ days of Sisqo himself. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of these funky ladies spinning their beats around town.

Next up to take the DJ booth is ‘DJ Mikey’. Cruising in with a kool swagger, she’s reppin’ a N.W.A shirt. With one of her signature caps resting casually on her head, she spins a groovy mix of indie/crowd favourites, including the greatly received ‘Love Me Or Hate Me’ by Lady Sovereign and ‘I Fink U Freeky’ by the outrageous zef rap-rave South African duo Die Antwoord. I glance up from my Gin and Tonic to find that the place has suddenly become more occupied. There’s a colourful mix of party people packed in nice and tightly. Ladies and gents. Straight, gay and even those in between. There’s smiles all around as people lose their inhibitions and dance together to the sound of the beat.

The party is really crankin’ by the time super stylin’ DJ ‘Jane Doe’ (aka: leading lady Roxy Burt) takes to the DJ stand. Spinning a tantalizing mix of hip-hop, dance, electro and dub-step, the enthusiastic crowd aren’t shy to let out screams of approval. ‘Thrift Shop’ by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, feat Wanz blasts through the speakers. Things are getting hot and heavy out on the dance floor as partygoers get frisky with one another beneath the stars.

The night has rolled over into the early hours of the morning and the wild crowd is showing no signs of calming down. In fact, they seem only to get more exuberant when they see the final DJ for the night ‘Frankie Trouble’ taking her place behind the DJ desk. Starting out in early 2009, ‘Frankie Trouble’ has spun beats all around town for the likes of Pistol Whipped, Qsesh, Show Your Bones, Glass Ghost, Head vs Heart and at a variety of fashion and art shows such as The Plank, The New Scum Show, Faster Pussycat and Turpentine. Building a reputation for being ‘outside of the mainstream, she doesn’t disappoint tonight. Treating the party people to an eclectic mix of Indie, Hip Hop, Dub step, Remixes and Mashups.

Two hours later and I finally manage to crawl into bed. My party feet are worn out from all the shufflin’. Oh what a night! There was definitely no shortage of love, smiles, dancing, great beats and crazy party shenanigans. Until next time Cheated Hearts!

Party people quotes of the night:

“How good is this? Finally a popular queer alternative night. Brisbane has been aching for this.”

“Cheated Hearts is a brilliant event! So many friendly faces, it’s always a great night out!” – James Brian Love

By: Ariana Pelser

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