SINGLE REVIEW: “Data Meta Theta” by Greys


I don’t know who “Greys” are or where they fucking came from but Jesus Christ, they make beautiful music that I want to hear more of. I had the pleasure of hearing the first single “Data Meta Theta” from their upcoming debut album “Lyre Bird” via a YouTube link sent to me by the band. Greys make beautiful sounds and the visuals to match the song are just perfect. The song plods along with a blissful gallop and the whole thing makes you fucking float away from your comfortable space into a higher state of consciousness. This song connects you back into the soul power of music and it such a simple composition yet it is incredibly powerful. It just washes over you and the only disappointing part is that it ended. I wanted more and it has made me very excited about the possibility of where the bands debut album will go. This song feels like a small piece of a bigger puzzle. Thank you for making this music whoever you are and believe me when I say that “Greys” deserve every inch of your attention.

10 Cassette Tapes Out of 10

By: Dan Newton

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