SINGLE REVIEW: “On The Boat” by Hope Springs


“On the Boat” is the debut single by Sunshine Coast band Hope Springs. The song is a promising indication of what we can expect from the band. The song stylistically reminded me of bands like Thursday and Glassjaw although I could also hear how they band may also enjoy the sounds of Fugazi as well. This is classic 90’s alt-rock and musically it is a definite love letter to that period in time. The song does its job of showcasing the talent of the musicians who make up Hope Springs. The song does feel disjointed and it has the capacity to roll along like a confused teenager never really knowing who it wants or is supposed to be. I feel that potentially that for all of the introductions, bridges, pre-chorus’, outro’s etc etc the band didn’t take the time to sit down and work out what they wanted to communicate emotionally with this song. The honesty of the lyrics and the meaning of it all get lost in its long drawn out instrumental passages making it hard to connect to the song.

All in all the song is young and will find its audience. I’m looking forward to seeing how the band evolves from here and I will be interested to hear a full length or EP sometime soon.

 7 Cassette Tapes Out of 10

By: Dan Newton

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