SINGLE REVIEW: “Sin City” by Broken Royale


For those of you out there who feel personally afflicted by the lack of satisfying music in circulation, or have feared that maybe, you did indeed wake up in hell because its been an eternity since you’ve resonated with an artist who wasn’t from the 90s, well fear no longer, because salvation is here and it takes form in Perth duo Broken Royale. Straying not too far from 90s equivalents The Kills, Garbage and Nine Inch Nails, Broken Royale’s single SinCity will see the overturn of any musical celibicacy endured. Blending a wild cocktail of electro/rock with a little indie/punk zest Sin city is energy driven start to finish. Opening with a hard hitting reverb drum beat   followed by a very ‘peachy and beachy’ guitar riff , and then cut through by the harsh spitting vocals of Germaine Jones as if to say “You Will Shut The Fuck Up And Listen Until I Am Done!” gives this track the texture and allure that is absent in music today. What is much loved about the track is the staged musical aggression vs. the vengeful lyrics and its delivery, the two components bleed a very bitter and vindictive song, whereby the chorus’ mantra “You’ve got your world, did you ever find, did you ever find yourself…In sin city” challenged by a fat-bass drone, is nothing short of icing on this bitter/sweet cake. With a conveniently radio-friendly time of  3 minutes 20 seconds the ‘thank you, drive through’ nature of the track has the potential to lull listeners into a false thought of electro-pop innocents, however peeling back the many layers of this piece has exposed that all but innocents is buried within it. This is something I personally love in music, the use of sound as a coercively deceptive tool; cheating on its own audience…it’s just brilliant, feisty and makes me thirst for me. If Sin City is any indication of Broken Royale’s future, big things are ahead, the only proviso is breaking the Australian Music Industry curse; we await the approval of our neighboring Europeans and Americans to deem our own talent as worthy (I’m convinced our Industry is terminally deaf, its the only logical explanation for industry naivety). Despite this major obstacle, Broken Royale deliver a sound that is tunefully tasty and ear-tastic giving them every potential to break into the popularized electro/indie rock circuit akin to CSS and The Killers.

My Rating: 4 ear candies out of 5

(4 for you Glenn Coco, You Go Glenn Coco!)

By: Kelly Schinkel

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