LIVE REVIEW: PocketLove live at the Zoo (15/02/2013)


The thing about funk is that it brings everyone together across age, race and gender – except people who dislike funk. Funk them.

On a Friday night I visited The Zoo for PocketsLove’s EP Launch. I expect a regular Friday night by myself (yes I go to gigs by myself). I was greeted by Fat Picnic, who had just started their set, and who appeared to be a six piece funk / reggae band – seven if you count the tambourine playing Mario who appeared later.  Their look was crazy – the band comprised a guitarist who looked like he wasn’t affected by gravity, a leopard, a Marge Simpson’s wig-wearing keyboardist and an eccentric-looking drummer.  I immediately warmed to them through the atmosphere they created and because their sound was just so, so… funky. Bec Laughton followed with a soulful performance and talent that’s rare, especially in petite red heads. Her performance was chilling and after minutes of confusion I can only deduce that she sings like a Tardis; she must be bigger on the inside. That woman could challenge just about any major pop star out their. NOT to mention lyrics that are a LOT more developed. I will never erase the image of her rapping.

PocketLove, the headliners were up next. PocketLove played a lively and inspiring set and the audience was enjoying them self with drunkenness probably accounting for only 24% of that. The smoke-filled, crowded Zoo served as an excellent venue with the audience dancing freely along to the funky reggae vibe they have got going on.

Not knowing too much about funk I checked that they had the essentials:

1. A guy wearing a Fedora
2. A sax.

(As it happens the Sax player was wearing a fedora)

But after an awesome set I deduced that PocketLove’s sound can be described as smooth and energetic horns, downright funky bass with a blast of pop-rock vocals for good measure.

They invited a friend and regular guest Naomi Price, (who is well known in Brisbane as an upcoming musical theatre performance, teacher at Stir Theatre Co. &  her current show ‘Sixty minutes inside Adele’) up on stage to sing ‘Rolling on a River’ which was a nice change of pace, and gave the audience something familiar to sing along to. The rest of the set was lead by young vibrant lead singer Luke Kennedy, whose performance was just as impressive as sax player Robert Nobilla. If I hadn’t known better I would have thought PocketLove had been together for years and had not recently replaced their lead singer Travis with Ten Tenors singer Luke, who brought with him a more upbeat party sound than PocketLove’s first EP. Their new single‘I Know Where Love Is’ is fun and bombastic and captures PocketLove’s live performance perfectly.

PocketLove play together like a puzzle and most importantly don’t take themselves too seriously, allowing a bit of spontaneity.

I was there by myself with nothing to drink and the set rocked. I think you should pick up PocketLove’s new EP – they can’t live on Mi-Goreng noodles forever.

By: Kat Gibson

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