So you’re probably wondering why we are dedicating a whole week of content to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs?

It’s quite a simple answer really, because they are the most amazing and vital band of the past decade and have continued to deliver music that has been incredibly influential to youth culture and because they are epitome of what I define as “heavy and weird.” The band is revolutionary on so many different levels and whether you dig the visual aesthetic or overall sound of the band the one thing that they have over a lot of modern artists is their ability to be true rock n roll chameleons. Karen, Brian and Nick are true disciples of re-invention and the definition of the pure punk rock experience. Through the course of the week we will be sharing our thoughts on their amazing discography and sharing multiple reviews of their brand new album “Mosquito” which was released on Friday.

I personally love this band quite a bit and I’ve got a lot of things I could say about them but I’ll save that praise for some of the articles I’ll be writing on them.

So we hope we enjoy our tribute to Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Big Love

Dan Newton xo


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