REVIEW: “Mosquito” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs (by Dan Newton)


From the opening moments of their brand new album “Mosquito” Yeah Yeah Yeahs once again prove why they are one of the greatest living bands ever. After a career of delivering mind bending movements of rock n roll that paid tribute to all of the amazing disciplines of genres like art rock, punk rock, disco, electro, dance music, post-punk, pop music, dream pop and hip-hop the band have once again adopted their chameleon attitude and gone deeper to deliver a truly exquisite album.

An album like “Mosquito” has the capacity to do more than change and elevate your mood; it will take every inch of your soul and allow it the space to slip into pure swoony relaxation. You won’t know if you’re mourning for ex-lovers or if you’re rejoicing in the bliss of a satisfied mind. Each song allows you the time for reflection and escape but you also are given many specific points of soul soaked grooves to sway with the swagger and get lost in the rhythm of it all.

There is something delightfully cinematic about these songs and the way they are pieced together. By absolute definition you will swoon (to be overwhelmed by ecstatic joy, a state of ecstasy or rapture) for the sound on display here. The real excitement of “Mosquito” is the way it illustrates the bands history yet through simplicity and sonic weight loss it takes us right back to year zero. The music sounds free and wild once again even though a lot of the songs have a hushed whisper compared to a vicious punk roar. The delight of hearing Yeah Yeah Yeahs evolve into one of the most interesting pop bands in the history of music is deliciously rewarding.

This is another brave step into the future from Yeah Yeah Yeahs and once again establishes their skill for revolution whilst still allowing for a consistency to build within their discography. I rarely like to compare one bands legacy to another but I feel in this situation it is important. I truly believe that Yeah Yeah Yeahs are the logical evolutionary step for the art rock / experimental pop music legacy that Sonic Youth established. A lot of bands have attempted to be that next step but after witnessing the beauty of “Mosquito” it is quite apparent that Yeah Yeah Yeahs are the brand new leaders of forward thinking pop music.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs now have that beautiful luxury of being a genreless band, graduating to that unique school of artists whose band name alone signifies what kind of sound they erupt. With “Mosquito” Yeah Yeah Yeahs have taken a graceful step back in order to demonstrate and execute a million creative leaps forward. The eleven tracks contained on this album have the excitement that a new best friend or potential romance will birth in you. You just want to hug every single one of these songs and dedicate all of your waking hours to hearing them again and again.  Only Yeah Yeah Yeahs are capable of making the darkness and the ache of life surround you with a shivery sunshine giving you space to grieve, dance and escape.

10 Cassette Tapes out of 10

By: Dan Newton


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