ALBUM REVIEW: “House Of Gold and Bones part two” by Stone Sour


I’ve followed Stone Sour since they released their debut Self-Titled album back in 2002 and through that eleven year journey I’ve both been satisfied and frustrated at a band whose identity I struggle to connect with. Being the massive fan of Slipknot and in particular Corey Taylor I always hoped that they would rise to the occasion and deliver something amazing. The band on paper has a brilliant potential to be an influential rock n roll band in the way that Alice In Chains are. Since the release of their debut album I’ve been both inspired and let down with each new twist and turn but I’ve always remained a fan because I love what the band does. When the band started talking about releasing a double album in two parts I was very interested to see the results. Casually I walked into “House Of Gold and Bones part one” and was pleasantly surprised and equally blown away. The band had finally gotten the perfect mix of what made them great. It was a very promising record that felt incomplete and with the release of “House Of Gold and Bones part two” we get that logical conclusion and it helps prove that as an overall piece of art the “House Of Gold and Bones” saga is the album that Stone Sour were born to make.

As a separate piece of art “House Of Gold and Bones part two” is a lot darker and way more epic in comparison to part one. It is this darkness and epicness of part two that helps give shape to the narrative on display throughout both albums. Apart from the artistry of it all the album is a great movement of modern rock n roll and I’d definitely label this as straight up heavy metal in that Anthrax tradition. Something about Stone Sour always reminds me of Anthrax and that is always a good thing. Anything that’s good about the whole notion of the Alternative Metal genre is on full display with this album and while some people may feel it doesn’t offer anything new if you dig deep enough you can hear the bands unique take on a well-established genre.

The star of this band will always be Corey Taylor and his incredibly dynamic range as a singer. He really is starting to show us that he is more than just the voice of rage with Slipknot and with Stone Sour he’s been given a platform to really showcase his more experimental nature and desires in terms of writing good solid rock n roll songs.

All in all you either love or hate this kind of music and regardless of your allegiance I don’t blame you for your answer. I love this album and finally feel comfortable with loving Stone Sour quite hardcore. My only criticism is that they had to release the masterpiece of “House Of Gold and Bones” in two separate parts because as two separate albums they are brilliant but as one piece of art they are simply spectacular. I highly recommend listening to the full “House Of Gold and Bones” movement (part one and part two) in one sitting because it is some truly amazing heavy metal.

8 Cassette Tapes out of 10

By: Dan Newton

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