ALBUM REVIEW: “The Map Has Been Redrawn” by Amanda Merdzan


Amanda Merdzan is going to be a future star of the Australian music scene. Mark my words this songstress has an amazing talent that will resonate deeply with anyone who is a fan of fantastic songwriting and emotional depth in their music. The proof of this lays in Amanda’s debut EP release titled “The Map Has Been Redrawn” which showcases five little heartbreakers designed to sink deep into your heart and leave its mark.

From start to finish “The Map Has Been Redrawn” is soaked in personal stories of love and the joy of both falling for it and escaping from it. There is a modern flare to the way these songs are executed but that modern frame exists only to communicate the old soul living inside of Amanda. There is a deep understanding of isolation in these songs with every moment crafted carefully to help give purpose to the muse that Amanda is serving. It’s very powerful stuff and begs for repeat plays over and over again.

Sometimes you love to have your world challenged by music and other times you just want the music to help give purpose to your own pain. Amanda’s music falls in to the latter category for sure and while it may not be dynamically weird or envelope pushing music stylistically, the music itself is carried and ignited by Amanda’s deep emotional world and that is what is put on full display with “The Map Has Been Redrawn.” This EP is a perfect glimpse of an artist who has just uttered her first musical communication and I feel after both personal and musical growth we’ll see Amanda combine her world class songwriting with some intense experimentation to birth a sound that is unique to her muse.

I can’t wait to see what comes next from Amanda Merdzan and I’ve got a feeling that she’ll do some very interesting things making beautiful future music that goes deeper and weirder.

8 cassette tapes out of 10

By: Dan Newton

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