SINGLE OF THE WEEK: “Toothless Tiger” by Jen Cloher


The Second single from Jen Cloher’s forthcoming record In Blood Memory is called “Toothless Tiger” and like the album’s first single “Mount Beauty” it showcases a new ache and a new degree of rock n roll enthusiasm. The beautiful dynamics of past releases are still framing these new songs but at the centre of them lingers a new kind of roar and a rock n roll gallop that gives new degrees of urgency to the emotional stories that Jen is a master of delivering. You’ll still swoon and be surrounded by all the delicious heartache bliss but not only will you sink and relax into these new songs you’ll also be given the chance to muse on the heartbreak and then run a million miles from it to some beautiful new landscapes.

So how would I describe “Toothless Tiger?”

Well, “Toothless Tiger” has the swagger and poetic cool of Patti Smith with hints of Neil Young and Keith Richards power chord swoons. It has a rock n roll glory with a focus on the lo-fi slacker dynamics a band like The Breeders were renowned for. All of these music journalist “comparison wankerisms” aside the song just flat out fucking rocks and highlights the genius of Jen Cloher and her honest songwriting doing further justice to her already well-established and flawless discography.

From the sounds of things In Blood Memory is shaping up to be one of the best albums of 2013 and will serve as another reminder of why Jen Cloher is one of Australia’s best songwriters ever.

10 Cassette Tapes out of 10

Useful Links:

Listen to “Toothless Tiger” right here:

Official Website –
Facebook –

Jen Cloher – In Blood Memory will be out on Friday 24 May 2013 via Milk! Records with distribution from Vitamin Records.

By: Dan Newton


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