SINGLE REVIEW: “My God Is The Sun” by Queens Of The Stone Age


Fuck, how good is it to hear a new song from Queens of the Stone Age in 2013 and not just a new song but to know that a new album is just 33 days away from being released. It has been six years since the band released its amazing fifth album Era Vulgaris and with Homme busy doing cool musical things (like forming Them Crooked Vultures) and taking time to re-issue and celebrate the band’s first two releases (Self-Titled and Rated R) it is easy to see where the six years have gone.

The band’s first single from their forthcoming album …Like Clockwork is called “My God Is the Sun” and is proof of the rock n roll genius that pulsates through the Josh Homme legacy. This song just rocks so damn fucking hard and carries that year zero kind of flavour where we see the band wipe the canvas clean taking time to use familiar colours to paint us new rock n roll pictures. Like all good Queens of the Stone Age songs it delivers us those robotic rock riffs with a powerhouse rhythm section and enough weirdness in the dynamics to help separate them from all of the other rock n roll pretenders. It is an exciting glimpse on what is scheduled to come from …Like Clockwork and sets us up for an exciting album experience.

I can’t say a bad word about Queens of the Stone Age or anything that Josh Homme is a part of because he is not only a pioneer but a true rock n roll genius. Josh Homme is a true artist who always delivers us interesting and vital sounding music and when he does this via the Queens of the Stone Age vehicle the results are always life affirming and revolutionary.

10 Cassette Tapes Out of 10

Useful Links:

Listen to “My God Is the Sun” here

Official Website:

“…Like Clockwork” by Queens of the Stone Age is available from 31st May 2013

By: Dan Newton


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