SINGLE REVIEW: “Stone” by Alice In Chains


The second single from the upcoming Alice In Chains album The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here is the impressive “Stone” which once again proves the importance of this band circa 2013. After an impressive return with Black Gives Way to Blue in 2009 Alice In Chains are ready to deliver their second post Layne Staley album and judging from the artistry of “Stone” it is quite clear that the band has once again proven their ability to rise from the tragedy of losing their vital lead singer.

The brilliance of “Stone” lays in that fucking riff and what a glorious riff it is. It weaves in and out of the song and as always brings the doom and sludge we’ve come to expect and love from Alice In Chains. Add into this the wonderful new vocal dynamics of Jerry Cantrell and lead singer William DuVall that not only pay tribute to the past vocal layering of the band but help evolve it. Fans both old and new will rejoice in the new vocal power of Cantrell and DuVall. Over the course of 4 minutes and 38 seconds “Stone” unfolds another doom hymn with a killer chorus and legendary Cantrell solo bringing it all together. There is nothing flawed or damaged about this song, it is pure rock n roll filth and a beautiful reminder of the sonic language that Alice In Chains established in the 1990’s.

Rejoice in the knowledge that the masters of modern rock n roll once again deliver a track full of emotional riffs and vocals giving us but a glimpse of the power that is no doubt ready to explode from The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here and once again proving why this bands second chapter is just as if not more important than their first.

10 Cassette Tapes Out of 10

Useful Links:

Listen to “Stone” right here

Official Website:

The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here by Alice In Chains is available from 24th May 2013

By: Dan Newton


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