Brand Awareness is now big business for the personality industry and although the idea of being “brand aware” was exclusive to corporate structures and industry (essentially entities and businesses) it is now a subconscious part of the human being DNA that has been on the rise since the launch of Social Media. What this alarming silent trend has caused in the community is a lack of individuality and depth. In its place we now see armies of people in little collective groups under a break away sect of individuality using the speed and pace of social media to communicate rather empty / recycled philosophies and truths that base themselves solely on the purpose of building their personality brand.

Now calm the fuck down everyone, I can hear you sharpening your digital knifes already in the effort to prove me wrong and point out why you are the world champion of the internet and not me. Just settle yourself thundercunt and make sure you read and comprehend my point before you get your book of clichéd radical thoughts out to bid for first prize. The cameras aren’t rolling, just indulge in a bit of shoosh please so I can finish my argument and please refrain from feeding my mouth with words I’m not about to say.

We Cool? good, now hug me you fucking cliché xo

Okay, so to show that I’m a well-balanced human being I’m going to lay out my flaws and ability to indulge in this idea of personality “brand awareness” that I’m attacking.

For anyone in my friends list on Facebook the most annoying aspect of anything I post is the sheer consistency of it. I like to be consistent when it comes to communicating what I’m passionate about. I made a decision a long time ago to keep my facebook for the simple parts of my personality, the ones that I’m happy to be public knowledge. So in the spirit of “brand awareness” I dedicate my entire content to music related things because that is all you need to know about me in that digital realm. That’s where it begins and that is where it ends and it is the only managing of my “personality brand” that I’m willing to enter into.

My choice for this is because I don’t feel any of you deserve to have access to my private life via a computer screen. I also don’t feel it necessary to waste the air time that facebook gives us with pointless musings on first world problems. I also don’t feel that my political or religious beliefs are up for you to discuss or tear apart. Ask me about music – both the music I create and that I listen to – and I will be incredibly open with you and give you everything, but my life outside of the social media world is not your product to consume. I am not your product, I am not your property and you can’t invest in my personality via my facebook page.

I’ll be quite brutally honest with you right now I am not a fan of the following things on social media:

– Selfies
– Hashtags
– YOLO or the general destruction of language via these pathetic digital shortcuts
– Atheist Propaganda passed off as fact (you realise that atheism is just another faith system)
– The total lack of facts, truth or history of any topic in favour of instant left wing / right wing approval
– Invitations to vote for your band to win anything

I bet you are asking yourself why I’m so upset or angry by these things. Well let me break it all down for you all into a few select things that irritate me more than anything.

One of the biggest things to frustrate and offend me is this constant debate about who is better, science or religion. Add into this the whole new age spiritual folk, the star sign people and the atheists and pretty soon you’ve got a diverse but incredibly boring “us VS them” group of internet arguments.

In the spirit of fairness – as I’ve probably attacked and offended everyone – I will tell you very simply what it is that I believe. In a perfect world I’d like to think what I’m about to say could potentially resolve the argument so we could continue our quest to explore space (both inner and outer) and save a lot of data fighting on the internet. Religion, Spirituality, Science, Star Signs, Atheism and anything else that falls into these “belief” fields are wonderful human artefacts that all have beautiful pieces of wisdom and knowledge attached to them. I don’t like to label myself as anything really, I think of myself as a human being who likes to experience new things. Being wired that way inspires me to delve deep into the philosophy of it all and to get to know every inch of those areas of thought. The constant principle that I keep coming back to when I muse on all of it is that no one really knows anything. All of this is rooted in leaps of faith and whilst science is the most credible source of “proof” in terms of mapping our physical world and existence it still adheres to my understanding of a belief system. That is why none of it is the answer and none of it is right and none of it is the right or wrong answer. All of it is just little metrics of control to distract us from the ocean of chaos known as life and in its simplest form is our basic fear driven need to help us cope with the fact that we’re going to die.

Every single person who reads this is going to die. One day you will not exist and that idea of death fuels a fear in us that cannot be controlled. It is the ultimate thirst and it will never be quenched because death is the only thing in this world that we can’t experience. It drives us to invest in many different coping mechanisms and causes us to have unexplained emotional reactions. Everyone is scared of it and no one is safe from it, it is the biggest mystery of all and nothing of this earth has the capacity to explain it or what happens when we die.

Let me repeat that again, we are all going to die. Your best friends are going to die, your husbands and wives are going to die, your children are going to die, your parents are going to die, your enemies are going to die, your co-workers are going to die, your boss is going to die, the strangers you see walking the street are going to die. You will die, you will experience death alone and you have to leave this all behind for the ultimate unknown. All your fear can be driven back to the one truth, you will die.

That knowledge alone deems all of the wasted time on the arguments on who is right and who is wrong redundant.

Still, in the spirit of being brand aware we must associate ourselves with one or the other. If we’re not mega staunch religious people then we are spiritual and if we’re not spiritual then we a staunch atheists and if we are not staunch atheists then we are agnostics and if we are not agnostics then we are humanists and if we aren’t humanists then we are scientologists and if we aren’t scientologists then we believe in science and then of course there are the wiccans and the warlocks and the Satanists and of course everything else in-between. Every single one of these segregated individuals has the capacity to frustrate me with the boring way in which they present themselves and how they take up so much time wanting to be right. Fucking get a life and live it, that is better than debating who is right. If you have a belief, live it but don’t preach it and make sure you open your heart to everyone and everything. Adhering to any faith does not give you the right to shut off your mind to other modes of thought or belief. That applies to every single one of the faith systems I mentioned above.

My wish is that instead of all sides of the argument being stubborn thundercunts, that they would really take the time to get to know their enemy instead of dismissing it. To me, a staunch atheist is just as annoying as a staunch Christian. The left and the right have that capacity to reflect each other with the way they behave, which is, incredibly unbalanced. It always has to be their version of the truth on display and anyone who doesn’t adhere to it or understand it is ignorant and deemed an enemy. You see now how this kind of thinking from both left and right breeds the divide and how the equality of humans is so far away from being a reality while we behave in this fashion.

Now I’m getting tangled in this issue and I’m drifting further away from what I wanted to communicate. That is how much rage this issue brings up in me and why I’d need quite a few more paragraphs to illustrate my disdain.

I don’t want to continue with that, I want to find a point and to me it is this. You are not a celebrity, you are not special, and you are all boring and contributing to the great divide in humanity by killing the ancient art of communication. Facebook is an instrument of freedom but it is a freedom placed in the hands of the first world a place that quite honestly doesn’t need any more freedom. Posting drunk photos of yourself and all of the fruitless pursuits you indulge in from Friday to Sunday prove that you are part of the world machine that is turning a blind eye to what is really happening in the world. TV is no longer the black paint to your third eye of perception, social media is and what it has created is boring scripted personalities who pledge allegiance to the left or right and all the demands that those political trains of thoughts require. You take the drugs, you drink the booze and you fund the wars and to ease your guilt you post a MEME on facebook about it thinking it will do something to save the planet. It is just a useless waste of data and you’re all a bunch of  fucking slaves.

The counterpoint to this argument is going to be “well why Bother Dan?” – I want you to bother, I want you to keep using social media as a new form of communication but I want you, not your brand to communicate to me. I don’t want the company that is your personality pitching itself to me like a fucking resume. I just want you, with all your flawed opinions and emotions to open up and show me what’s really inside of you.

Be good at life and be good at communication, don’t just be good at facebook.

Stop talking and start listening thundercunts, you’ll see that the world is a an easier place to live in when you shut your fucking mouth and listen to all of the voices on display.

Big Love

Dan Newton xo


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