LIVE REVIEW: Thirteen Seventy, Dameena, Trash Queen at The Beetle Bar (March 21st 2013)


The beetle bar is always a great venue to watch local bands do their thing and tonight is no exception with a wealth of lock rock n roll talent on display. Trash Queen kick things off in style, I still remember when I first saw them play – in a basement at a house party – and during the time since that gig they haven’t changed much well except for their hair, it is possibly a little longer. I’d describe Trash Queen as the love child of Motley Cure and Screaming Trees. There Set was good but perhaps their sound has lost their charm or perhaps it is exciting the first time but gets less so the more you see them, that being said I always love a good nostalgia trip.

With a new line up, Dameena was well rehearsed and confident. Their sound is sometimes a little Soundgarden and other times it flirts more with that post-grunge template. The vocals have an impressive drawl, complemented well by soft backing female harmonies. The guitarists were both impressive but not overshot or as I refer to as ‘braggy’,  with the bass showcasing a bit of diversity having its own rhythm while also complementing the drummer; who had a broken wrist mind you. I would have given him a hi-five to acknowledge his effort but… yeah. The audience loved them, even requesting an encore, which proved difficult but not impossible considering (I’m fairly sure) they played all their rehearsed songs. After the gig I picked up their new EP OVERTURE for $4, which is an awesome listen and absolutely perfect for all these rainy days we’ve been having, not to mention insightful lyrics and really cool artwork.

It was about time that I got round to seeing Thirteen Seventy live. As a band they have an impressive and a very smooth sound. I have always been a fan of the three piece line-up of drums, bass and guitar (and vocals). There is something very sentimental to me about the sound a three piece rock band makes; it reminds me of all the music I listened to in high school. These were my initial thoughts when I first saw Thirteen Seventy take the stage; I was already impressed purely based on the numerical line-up of musicians in the band.

Thirteen Seventy work hard as well, and as a result of their hard work and dedication they have crafted out quite a deep personal sound. Some of their earlier songs are lot grungier when compared to their stunning new alternative sounding moodscapes. When they played their song “Breathe” it exploded with the sound being full of emotion, cascading guitar chords, far off screams and intense instrumentals. They are ‘art -house- alternative’ and that is something you don’t see very often. Fi the drummer also sings one song tonight showing off her impressive vocal talent and of course anyone who knows the history of the band would have heard all about Clint’s impressive pedal collection.

Overall, I was fondly reminded of The Smashing Pumpkins. Thirteen Seventy are so great both live and on record and you should pick up their new EP ‘Breathe’ once it is released. I was impressed by their genuine emotion, even if it includes beating their instruments up a little.

By: Kat Gibson


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