The Beetle Bar Presents Earcandy #2!

Thoughts From Jas

IMG_8488 copy

The decision to see a band play live, as opposed to listening to a CD, is always an adventure. Sometimes we are disappointed by a live performance, and other times, the experience far exceeds our expectations. In my personal experience, last Friday night was a mixture of both.

Heading to the Beetle Bar to review the Earcandy #2 gig, I was curious to see how  the night would pan out. I had made a decision earlier that day not to pre-listen to any of the bands that would be playing that night, because I wanted to experience each artist without any bias.

Walking into the bar, both my boyfriend and I were in a pretty average mood after a hectic work week, and felt like nothing more than curling up in a doona and sleeping for a long, long time. But then something crazy happened. Something enticing, mind triggering and…

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