JEN CLOHER – a Week Long Tribute – An Editor’s Note


This week we are celebrating the music of Jen Cloher ahead of her third album release – In Blood Memory – on Friday.

When I first started Heavy and Weird the aim was to be significantly different from the other Music Blogs. I wanted to have a strict focus on artists that I deem as successful who you may not be aware of.  That is the point of these week long tributes that you’ll be seeing a lot more of. On occasion they will focus on bands and artists you do know and other times they will be focussed on stuff you may not have heard. Music is all about communication and anyone involved in the reporting of it, I guess you call them journalists, should do their best to communicate the accurate history of all the music being made in this world.

Jen Cloher is one of my favourite Australian songwriters and her music is other worldly, a true collection of beauty. The songs themselves are full of all kinds of aches that showcase a very disciplined musician who makes art for art’s sake. Jen’s body of work is not rooted in the desperate attention of commerce driven music, it is incredibly far from that process.

Jen Cloher has the ability to overtake every inch of your landscape with the music she makes. It is beautifully moody and full of many different levels of bliss. You relax into the swoon and sway of it all but it still challenges you on a deep emotional level. It helps answers those questions but also serves as a testament to the life long search of “why?” and over time you see her music adapt itself to every age and stage you navigate. It has a timeless nature, the kind of sound that connects no matter what decade you’re in.

I’m a pretty massive fan of her work and this week long tribute is a labour of love and also a way to say thank you to Jen for being such an amazing artist. I had the pleasure of interviewing Jen a few months back in preparation for this tribute week and what started out as a standard interview turned into a two hour conversation between two people. I think this speaks volumes about the warmth and welcoming nature of Jen’s character. I’ve had the chance to interview a lot of people since then but I think that chat with Jen will remain as my favourite early memory of the Heavy and Weird journey.

Here is a little run down of how the week will run


A full day dedicated to Jen’s debut album Dead Wood Falls


A full day dedicated to Jen’s second album Hidden Hands


Our first interview with Jen as part of my Show Me Your Riffs series


A full day dedicated to Jen’s new album  In Blood Memory


Our second interview with Jen

I’m incredibly thrilled about this week and I can’t wait to share all my articles with you and for those of us who are already fans, celebrate the joy of Jen’s music and for those who are first time listeners, hopefully you’ll have a universe of new music to devour.

The reason I love Jen Cloher’s music is quite simple really, the music relaxes me and puts me in a reflective mood. I like being relaxed and in a reflective mood because it allows my imagination to be fired up and for the creative muse / dialogue to open up. Jen’s music always puts me in the headspace to create and that is always the kind of music that I’ll listen to regularly. Her music also has that ability to calm down the nonsense of the world around me giving me the space to just “be” and trust me, when you’re a deep thinker you need the late night swoon of Jen Cloher’s music to ease you into a brand new day.

Big Love xo

By: Dan Newton

P.S. please listen to the amazing first single from In Blood Memory which is called “Mount Beauty”


One Reply to “JEN CLOHER – a Week Long Tribute – An Editor’s Note”

  1. I listened to Jen Cloher’s wonderful & very moving interview with Sarah Kanowski this morning. What a woman, what a daughter. Good choices Jen & how sad I am that I didn’t do the same for my parents.
    I love your music too!

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