LIVE REVIEW: 100% Silk Showcase – Thursday 16th May 2013


So my friends bitched it and I’d already missed Bobby Browser, so I decided to leave my $4 rum+coke at Rics and head up the seedy side of Brunswick St to experience Room40’s 100% Silk Showcase.

The familiar chill often felt upon hearing really good house hit me as I neared the venue, and it was obvious as soon as I entered that Damon Palermo (aka. Magic Touch) had the intimate-party-sized crowd in a trance. Unloading track upon track of emotive, semi-tech house mixed using some intuitive techniques, Magic Touch still gave off just the right amount of LA flavour to assert his status at the top rank of 100% Silk’s roster.

A few treats later Octo Octa took to the decks in spectacular fashion, beginning with his most popular track, the future deep house classic “Let Me See You”. What followed was one of the best house sets I’ve ever witnessed–the groove was omnipresent, and we barely had time to cool down before another infectious beat took control of the dancefloor. But no-one ever actually wanted to stop dancing, and that’s what made the New Hampshire native’s set so memorable…he banded the small and extremely random audience together with a near-perfect setlist and highly energetic performance.

It was good to see Room40 (which is run by electronic/ambient/soundscape luminary Lawrence English) showcase a trio of amazing house artists who we wouldn’t otherwise have had the opportunity to see. The meagre crowd did show that this particular brand of electronic music is still gaining popularity in Brisbane, but it worked…the atmosphere was unique, and it really did feel like we were a small group of individuals coming together to experience some funky, involving house shit. A great night out, and I recommend coming to Room40’s next event if you’re intrigued.

By: James Hilan


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