SINGLE REVIEW: Avant Gardener by Courtney Barnett


This week I sat down to review a lot of different music that had been sent to me. A lot of it really didn’t resonate on any level at all. It started to really frustrate me at the amount of pure trash that I had to wade through in order to get to something amazing. I decided that instead of wait for it to find me that I’ll go directly to it and the mid-week revelation came when I sat down to listen to Courtney Barnett. It was a fucking glorious moment when I did and the song I became quite addicted to was her awesome recent single Avant Gardener which is all kinds of awesome.

I love this song so very much and I love everything about Courtney Barnett. This is the sound of slacker pop music done right. Everyone else pretending to do this kind of sound in the modern landscape is a careerist pretender in comparison to Courtney Barnett. All the modern slackers follow the business plan and formula too closely; I just don’t believe what comes out of their mouth. Courtney Barnett on the other hand, I believe everything. She makes the kind of music that makes you want to ignore everything else you own and just go out and buy all her stuff and listen to nothing but her music.

Fuck Comparisons, but for those people who need some kind of reference point let me just say that this song is the most right on thing since The Breeders, that is how amazing and great this song is.

I can’t wait until she releases a full length album. Two artists thrill me in this new decade, EMA and Courtney Barnett.

10 Cassette Tapes out of 10

By: Dan Newton

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