ALBUM REVIEW: “…Like Clockwork” by Queens Of The Stone Age


Fuck the sentimental thundercunts who will disagree with my next claim but I’m convinced that “…Like Clockwork” is the best album so far by Queens of the Stone Age and before the choir of stuck in the mud voices hurl their clichéd responses let me tell you I’ve been a fan of this band since the first record, so I think I’m fully qualified as a fan to make that statement.

Look, being a fan of Queens of the Stone Age post “Songs for the Deaf” has been both frustrating and rewarding. The rewarding aspect has been the amazing albums released since (Lullabies to Paralyse and Era Vulgaris) but frustrating because every idiot on the bandwagon jumped off because Nick Oliveri quit or something similar to that. I understand that resonance plays a part in everything and all that but I still view the post “Songs For The Deaf” material to be more adventurous and just better overall. That is not to take away from what came before it I just think with “Lullabies to Paralyze” and “Era Vulgaris” Josh Homme directed the band to the sound he first envisioned when he started the band.

All of this bullshit aside the fact remains I’m a bit of a fiend for Queens Of The Stone Age and their brand of rock n roll. I just love it so very much and it is a love affair that extends from my previous engagement with Kyuss and of course all the other members of this musical family tree. Courtesy of my brother Ben I was able to hear the power of the band’s debut “Self-Titled” album when it was first released back in 1998. I already knew and loved Kyuss but when I heard the debut Queens Of The Stone Age album I heard the natural progression of what Josh Homme hinted at on the final Kyuss album “…And The Circus Leaves Town” and fuck, it was amazing. If I had a revelation when I heard the band’s debut, I was thrust into full rapture when my brother showed me “Rated R” for the first time when it came out in 2000. The song that got me was the mysterious darkness of “Better Living Through Chemistry” which still stands as one of the bands best songs. With “Rated R” the band proved that they really were going to be the most important rock band of the new decade and when they released “Songs for the Deaf” in 2002 this claim was fully realised. I remember being so excited about the release of this album and I was there the day it came out. I’ll remember the release of “Songs for the Deaf” as one of those incredibly important moments in not just my history but music history in general. This same ritual of being blown away continued when “Lullabies To Paralyze” and “Era Vulgaris” were released. There is something wonderful about the way a Queens Of The Stone Age record pops up in my life when I need it most.

That brings me to “…Like Clockwork” and its place in this long line of life changing rock n roll. I honestly thought that after his work with Them Crooked Vultures that Josh Homme couldn’t get any better in my eyes. The album he released with Them Crooked Vultures is one of the best things to happen in the past 20 years and its impact was so powerful on me that I was convinced that Homme himself may have topped the work he did on “Welcome To Sky Valley” by Kyuss which is my favourite album of all time. The music of Them Crooked Vultures was a saviour for me at a truly dark time and I really didn’t put too much stock into where Queens Of The Stone Age may take their sound next. After six years I was not expecting to be this in awe and blown away.

There is some special kind of magic happening on this new record that the band has hinted at previously but fully embraced on “…Like Clockwork” and thank fuck, the results are astounding. Fuck, this review is harder to write than I thought; I just love this album so much and I struggle to put into words as to why. This album is all I am thinking about from the moment I wake to the moment I go to sleep. Every inch of it has sunk in but I’m still finding more and more with each listen. It feels like Josh Homme has honestly made the album he’s always dreamed of as well because he looks so excited every time I see him play these songs via a live youtube clip. A triumph for him considering the darkness he had to live during the albums conception. I think that is part of what makes the album so amazing, the fact that it was born out of such darkness yet it provides so much light. Since the album’s release I’ve found myself leaving for work earlier just so I can listen to the whole album before I have to face the day and the same when I leave work, I take the long way home just so I get to hear every inch of this record. Every night when I go to sleep this is the album on my headphones. Fuck, have you got the point yet, I LOVE THIS FUCKING ALBUM.

The other night rather foolishly I proposed a clear link to Queens of the Stone Age and the The Beatles that was not understood by the audience of faceless internet data. That’s okay, I understood what I meant and to repeat my point, I think that Queens of the Stone Age are the logical evolution of The Beatles and that Josh Homme has the combined charm of all four Beatles in one beautiful package. I know, it’s a hard theory to accept or digest but you know I believe in evolution and I am also fanatical about both bands and I think it is a theory that I’m going to stick with.

Fuck, I love “…Like Clockwork” and Queens Of The Stone Age on a hardcore level and I feel like I want to live another day in this fucking cruel world as long as I get to listen to the beautiful music made by this band.

Thank you Josh Homme you beautiful human being

10 Cassette Tapes Out Of 10

By: Dan Newton

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One Reply to “ALBUM REVIEW: “…Like Clockwork” by Queens Of The Stone Age”

  1. THANK YOU! I just found this blog post today, but I made the Beatles connection immediately when I heard the album. No one agrees with me. I’ve also heard the connection to Blue Oyster Cult, and I can get that too. But Beatles…yes definitely!

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