ALBUM REVIEW: “Summer Songs” by My Left Boot


I first caught My Left Boot playing live at Devil’s Kitchen at the Annandale a few years back and they were talking up an album coming at some point. I estimate that was 2005, so to have the new Summer Songs long player in my hands has been a long time coming, and it’s very very rewarding. I have to say, the immediate Soundgarden vibe I get from the first half of this album is profound, singer Chappy’s fantastic vocals channel a primal Cornell howl set against tasty grooves and hard rock that could have been culled (for quantity, not quality reasons) from King Animal.

Opener ‘Closest’ unfolds slowly, taking it’s time. There’s a heavy 70’s feel (Robert Plant is another comparison that a good friend made) channelled through a 90s sensibility (and by 90’s, I mean the whole Seattle rock thing). ‘Your Ancient Bones’ is an early standout, and most heavily stamped with the Soundgarden influence, the Boot’s sound recalling the heady days of grunge for all the best reasons, and brimming with life and vitality. Extended jam ‘You Good Mutt’ marries a great vocal line and a slinky guitar line to great effect, and rocker Just Have Ta is vintage Boot, great fun from go to whoa.

The second half of the album takes on a different feel, ‘Sometimes Love’ features Neil Young and Crazy Horse style hand claps, a great lumbering riff and a shrieking vocal refrain that gives way to a spiralling solo. Their take on Rodriguez’s fuzz laden ‘Only Good For Conversation’ is suitably swinging, and the full throttle ‘Suck It Up’ is a late gem, full of wah pedal action and boasting a great chorus.

It’s worth checking out the killer live version of the above mentioned song on the following link where Chappy’s voice is really in its full glory:

All up this is a fantastic album that demands and rewards repeat listens. Pick up the album at and get a bottle of Boot Beer to go down with the album, quality drop to go with a cracking album.

By: Roger Killjoy

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