ALBUM REVIEW: “This Is Not The End” by Baby Animals


Suze DeMarchi has possibly the greatest female rock & roll voice of all time.

It’s an absolute pleasure to hear her in front of a virile, muscly rock & roll band again.  Sonically, not much has changed since 1991, DeMarchi is in phenomenal voice throughout the entire record, and the band sounds like the late 90’s and 00’s never even happened.  This is an unashamedly big, stadium rock record, full of Dave Leslie’s guitar solos, a rock-solid rhythm section, and that voice.

That voice also has a lot to say.  The album kicks off with lead single ‘Email’, a volatile stab of anger that sounds like it’s aimed squarely at DeMarchi’s ex-husband Nuno Bettencourt.  Real heartbreak and anger seem to be at the heart of the record, and this means that nothing comes across as manufactured or forced.  The end result is that in this day in age it sounds completely refreshing and new, even if the band is stuck in 1991.

It’s not a particularly short record, clocking in at 43 minutes, but it seems to fly by in half that time.  This is a very good sign, as soon as it finished I had to put it on again.  I predict this will be on high-rotation on my stereo for quite a while.


This Is Not The End doesn’t quite reach the heights of their debut record, Baby Animals, but it gives Shaved And Dangerous and absolute belting.  It’s easily up there with the best material they’ve ever released.

Thank god they still make rock bands like Baby Animals.  Suze DeMarchi, I could listen to you sing all day.

Rating: 9 / 10

By Clint Morrow

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2 Replies to “ALBUM REVIEW: “This Is Not The End” by Baby Animals”

  1. Greetings neighbour. Jackie Viney here. Thank you for that extremely favourable review of my all time favourite band. Freakishly uncanny that today I dug out my 1993 tour shirt which is currently soaking in napisan in an attempt to restore its whiteness. Very practical mum of me. Not very rock star. I also have in my possession a CD “IL GRANDE SILENZIO” that they released in 2007 of acoustic tracks. Well worth the listen. Anyhoo, hope it is ok to follow your reviews and won’t be too detrimental to your street cred. Kind regards from across the cyclone fencing.

    1. Thanks Jackie, glad you enjoyed the review! Don’t worry about my street cred, I never had any to begin with 😉 See you at the clothesline!

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