LIVE REVIEW: Emma Louise Live at the Hi Fi Brisbane Friday 24th May 2013

Thoughts From Jas

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It’s always a beautiful experience to watch the evolution of an artist firsthand. Emma Louise is one such artist, one who in the space of a year has evolved into a charismatic and well-known Australian performer.

I first came across Emma in 2012, at Splendour in the Grass. Her single Boy had just been released, a song which had really resonated with me, and I was interested to discover more about her. I recall being particularly touched by her honesty, the vulnerability exposed through the stories she shared. I was captivated by this petite young woman whose guitar seemed to almost swamp her delicate frame, yet whose strength was evident in the way she expressed herself musically.

IMG_4618  IMG_4617IMG_4616

The Emma Louise that I encountered last week however, was a stark comparison. Not only has she evolved musically, but her confidence and sense of place before an audience has magnified tenfold…

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