SINGLE REVIEW: “Josie” by Go Violets


Stop everything you’re doing right now and go and download the brand new single “Josie” by Go Violets who are without a doubt the most exciting band happening in Brisbane at the moment.

Go Violets make fun simple pop music that on the surface has that obvious link to lo-fi summer pop music like Best Coast but dig a bit deeper and you hear a more optimistic version of the breeders. I’m also hearing a weird but totally right on Jackson Five sound as well which gives all of the bummers and darkness a nice sunshine sheen. This is a band who knows how to rock and how to construct vital pop music. I love how you can hear the pain buried inside all of the sweetness and that there is indeed a plea for escape oozing out of the pop skills. Sometimes I like teenage angst with spoonful of sugar.

I’m sure glad I stumbled across this band because they have sailed into my heart and set my world on fire, fuck, I love this song and I can only imagine how amazing their forthcoming EP will be.

Clear a space in your top five singles list of 2013 and make room for “Josie” by Go Violets because it deserves to either top it or sit comfortably at number three. There is all kinds of joy, rage and sunshine exploding from this band, don’t fucking miss a minute of it.

10 Cassette Tapes Out of 10

By: Dan Newton

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