SINGLE REVIEW: “Out Of Time” by Stone Temple Pilots


I have a massive dilemma with this new Stone Temple Pilots song “Out Of Time” and it is the simple fact that it features Chester Bennington on lead vocals. It is just another frustrating turn of events in the unpredictable career of Stone Temple Pilots and after proving once again what a fuck up he really is the band once again parts ways with the original singer of the band Scott Weiland and this time it seems permanent. I’m not going to get into the drama and the history of Stone Temple Pilots because it frustrates me too much, I’ll do my best to focus on reviewing this taste of what’s to come for the band.

In terms of a song it is a fairly pedestrian / paint by numbers Stone Temple Pilots song which is fine, it does all the things a rock song from this band should do. Vocally, if I didn’t know I’d assume it was Scott Weiland singing the song. I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing, either way Chester Bennington sounds a lot better out the front of Stone Temple Pilots than he does with his own band Linkin Park who are a band I just can’t ever really enjoy. The weird synergy with both bands is that they rode into popularity on the back of better bands (grunge / nu-metal) and it’s sometimes hard not to see both Stone Temple Pilots and Linkin Park as the major label endpoint of something that starts out pure and sincere.

That’s an argument for another blog post, because despite the history I really enjoy the music of Stone Temple Pilots and even though they have made some great rock n roll through the years I can’t see it getting any better which is fine because it is a nice template that the band draws on. I’m convinced that if they put out an album with Chester Bennington that it will be enjoyable and I’ll definitely buy it but fuck, all of this dysfunction makes it hard to like Stone Temple Pilots sometimes.

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By: Dan Newton

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