ALBUM REVIEW: “Tomorrow’s Harvest” by Boards Of Canada


The most beautiful movement of music to be released in 2013 so far is without a doubt “Tomorrow’s Harvest” by Boards of Canada. This album had a wonderful sound full of eerie late night seduction and visual swoon. The mood on this record is incredible and Boards Of Canada once again prove why they are such an important musical institution.

You could spend decades debating over what to call the kind of music that Boards of Canada make but I simple refer to it as mood pop with a heavy to thick dollop of soundscape shiver. This is the kind of album that helps explain what I love about music. The way it plays out like one piece as opposed to individual songs. As a band, Boards of Canada are like modern new romantic composers whose albums carry deep spiritual and philosophical noise. This is the kind of music that will haunt you deeply and unlock all kinds of emotions. You’ll slip deep into your mind and be reminded of all of the human beings you’ve loved with a unrequited fever and it is the perfect companion for the lonely late night drive when you are trying to search for some clarity amongst the cruelty of existence. If you could emotionally capture the experience of dying with music Boards of Canada would be one of the best bands to do it. There is something so overwhelmingly beautiful about the music this band makes and each album is built like a religious experience providing context to not just the beauty of this world but the mysterious cycle of destruction and death bestowed upon all of us. Boards of Canada do indeed make powerful music.

From the moment I turn this record on I am hooked, I am thrust deep into myself with the outside world being suspended and put on hold for a while as I become hypnotised by my own emotional intelligence and memories of my existence. I thought about human beings who no longer exist in this physical world and I also craved the power and yearn for ex-lovers / crushes who made my world both a painful and beautiful place. I wanted to kiss a stranger and engage in the excitement of a late night stroll with a new lover where you do everything in your power to connect personally, emotionally and physically. The eeriness of this music made me feel like I was surrounded by the spirits and ghosts that I could not see in the room I was situated. I felt like this album had plugged those departed souls directly into my headphones and I slipped into all kinds of past lives both evil and wonderful. When the album reaches its climax and endpoint you feel cleansed with the entire negative bummer residue of this world floating away with the outside world now feeling like a beautiful abyss that demands to be conquered. I feel like I am once again able to love and able to succeed at being a good human being. All of the doubt and all of the uncertainty and all of the fear is erased with the silence of the night now being a safer place to request slumber. This album unlocks my desire to connect with everyone and through my curse of feeling along with everybody I am indeed a lucky and much loved human being.

If someone was to ask what I desire from music I would point them to Boards of Canada and this wonderful album. The band has made important and vital sounding music for the past 17 years under many different guises and “Tomorrow’s Harvest” is just another example of the bands power. This album and band teach me how I want all genres of music to sound and the mood of it all is the perfect example of that eeriness I love to interact with when it comes to both creating and listening to music.

Anyone who has a heart and knows the power and fun of the dark shiver of music needs to buy a copy of this album and go on the adventure it provides. Each time you listen to it you will learn at least 11 new things about yourself and will be able to silence the fear and edge yourself that bit closer to inner peace.

10 Cassette Tapes out 10

By: Dan Newton


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