ALBUM REVIEW: “Allerton Place” by Rawr Vanity


I must admit that I’m not really a fan of the debut album by Rawr Vanity called “Allerton Place.”  This music is way too calculated and way too clean for my tastes. I sat down and attempted to find things I like about it but there was just nothing that grabbed me however judging from the bands achievements and resume / biography I don’t really think I’m the target market. I was sent this album to review however and review it I will.

Rawr Vanity makes pop music but not in a forward thinking manner, in the literal sense. This is an album full of clichéd dynamics that have helped many popular music artists in the top forty charts sell a product and that is exactly how this band comes across, as a product. That probably works for them but I much prefer to hear something a bit exciting and envelope pushing even when it comes to making pop music. The band sounds like they are auditioning to be rock stars and that works I guess but by the end of the album I could start to predict where they dynamics of the album were going with each song. It just felt like a big collection of “please sign me” demos which again are fine but when the songs don’t offer anything beyond the pop music formula it causes boredom as a listener.

The redeeming quality of this album is the talent each member has for their chosen instrument. They are all incredibly skilled players and this music obviously means a lot to them and again judging from their biographies it means a lot to other people as well. This band will achieve success regardless of what I think and I suspect that a lot of the heaviness and weirdness I desire and love about good music is not at the front of Rawr Vanity’s minds when they write. Production is clean and crisp and recorded at all the right levels with the appropriate radio mixes on display. It sounds stellar going through any of my stereo systems.

All in all, this is not for me but it may be for you if you enjoy simple straight up pop music with a dirty edge. Think the Veronicas and you’re in the ball park.

My opinion matters nothing though because Rawr Vanity are clearly lovely people with a clear goal in mind. I wish them luck with that journey.

5 Cassette Tapes Out of 10

By: Dan Newton

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