ALBUM REVIEW: “Everybody Loves Sausages” by The Melvins


The Melvins don’t need to be put under critical analysis by any music reviewer. The Melvins exist outside the agenda of the demands of the music industry in terms of publicity and praise. They have and always will be the coolest band to exist on the planet. This is just a simple fact and you either understand this or you don’t. I feel sorry for you if you don’t because you are missing out on some of the best music ever written.

I’ve adored this band since I was 13 going on 14 and like most humans it was the whole Seattle thing that led me to them but you know fuck that piece of history, The Melvins were better than all the bands from that town before it happened, while it happened and after it happened. They didn’t need to attach themselves to any of the hype or “scene” that was happening. They just did as they have always done, make forward thinking rock n roll.

“Everybody Loves Sausages” is the bands 19th studio album (with their total discography now reaching 51 if you include EPs, Compilations, Live Albums and Collaboration albums) in a career that has been running for 30 years. This is a covers album with lots of both known and unknown artists featured. I mean fuck there is a Scientists cover and anyone playing in a sophisticated guitar band in Australia who don’t know who The Scientists are need to fucking start respecting music and go and discover the bands discography.

Like every Melvins release, it just gets better and better with the most satisfying part being the sheer consistency of the bands release schedule proving that we won’t have to wait to long for more Melvins music and that makes me incredibly happy. It was about time that we saw The Melvins release a full covers album and you’d be foolish not to indulge in this album.

Look, the name heavy and weird is just a tribute to The Melvins because when anyone ever asks me what kind of music I like I always like to say “stuff that’s heavy and weird, you know like The Melvins” so this band will always get a perfect score from me.

I hope The Melvins live forever.

10 million cassette tapes out of 10

By: Dan Newton

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