ALBUM REVIEW: “Vanishing Point” by Mudhoney


During the 2000’s everyone went on about the wonder of rock n roll and indulged in all kinds of nostalgia. It seemed that everyone wanted to be in a seventies guitar band, it started to get fucking tedious watching all the young humans packing themselves into all sorts of expensive outfits for the purpose of retro rock outs. The sad part about so much indulgence in nostalgia is that the bands that did it rarely did anything new with the sound. There were a few shining stars and all that but fuck it became suffocating in the process and a little bit sickening to see so many fuckwits choose style over substance.

One of the bands who did rock n roll well during this period of time was Mudhoney who had already established themselves as one of the best bands in the universe. The material the band released from 2000 to 2013 has been some of their best material, all it dripping with straight ahead slabs of psyche infused punk rock n roll. After 25 years of being spectacular the band has now released their ninth full length album “Vanishing Point” which is another solid movement of rock n roll.

What you have to understand is that I’ve been a fan of Mudhoney since I was 13 years old and their albums “Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge” and “Piece Of Cake” were vital in helping me survive my small town experience. There was a sense of humour to the angst and the older I’ve gotten; the more I’ve appreciated that sense of humour. So when it came to reviewing “Vanishing Point” it was an easy task because I’ve never been disappointed by a Mudhoney record.

So what’s new and what’s old and what’s good and what’s bad about this record?

Who fucking cares, Mudhoney are good enough to not need such an analysis. You either love this band or you don’t and if you don’t I feel sorry for you. If you do however fancy yourself as a bit of a guitar rock enthusiast and you don’t own Mudhoney then fucking get out of your chair and buy some. Don’t be lazy and stream or download it, fucking buy it all on vinyl. This new album “Vanishing Point” is a good start.

It’s nice to know that in 2013, after a decade of having useless thundercunts making retro rock that the band who still rocks harder than all of the hyped horseshit is Mudhoney who were here before the hype and will be here long after the hype. Stop being a fucking useless fan of music and buy a Mudhoney record.

10 Million Cassette Tapes out of 10

By: Dan Newton

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