SINGLE REVIEW: “Go Where It Takes You” by Ghost Notes


The brand new single from Ghost Notes “Go Where It Takes You” is one of the most beautiful things I’ve heard all year and the perfect song to be playing through my headphones on this cold July afternoon. This music is all class and has the swoony instrumental ache of a band like Dirty Three. I feel ashamed that this is my first interaction with Ghost Notes because this afternoon they have become one of my favourite things about Brisbane music.

A band like Ghost Notes restores my faith that outside of all the ridiculous pyramid scheme bands of our town there exists a community of artists committed to making challenging and progressive sounding music. Of course this is post-rock and we all know the power of post-rock but it is so much more than that in fact it has more in common with the late night sway of a band like “Bohren & Der Club Of Gore” than it does Sigur Ros. Once my pay cheque clears this week I’m going to be purchasing all of the bands current discography to get me through until they launch their new album which appears to be coming on the 1st August 2013.

There is nothing to critique about this song, it is perfect just the way it is. The production has a lo-fi dust and the song itself is communicated brilliantly. The way each instruments holds its position to allow for drama, tension and emotion to build is just fantastic. It has the capacity to relax you into a sense of yearn soaked calm, putting you into a position where you float deep inside yourself to catch the meaning of what’s important about breathing and existence and all that big deal stuff. Even the cover art matches the mood and feeling of the song and it makes sense that this was recorded at Brisbane’s greatest breeding ground for meaningful art music the Waiting Room.

Look, there is a lot of hype given to lots of really nothing bands in this town and some of them deserve it and others really don’t. Ghost Notes deserve hype to be thrown on them because they actually live up to their press release and deliver music worth investing in.

I’ve given out a lot of perfect scores today and Ghost Notes will be getting one for their single “Go Where It Takes You” because like the other bands who managed a perfect 10 they are a band who respect music and it is such a joy to indulge in the sounds they make.

10 Cassette Tapes Out of 10

Listen to the song here

By: Dan Newton

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